November 4, 2016

Packing Guide for Havasupai

Havasupai Reservation, Havasupai, AZ, USA

This was my first time going to Havasupai, and it was nothing short of amazing. I'm not sure if I will ever get over my first look of Mooney Falls. Absolutely breathtaking, and something you should experience at least once.

A little about my trip.
The beautiful Mooney Falls
October 28th:
We drove from Phoenix, AZ to the Havasupai Hilltop, which took about 5 hours. We stopped for food in Prescott to enjoy our last taste of real food before the MRE's. We spent the night in the parking lot because the closest motel is about 2 hours away. Make sure to fill up on fuel in Seligman, because there isn't a gas station for about 80 miles.
Havasu Falls -the first falls you come to

Mooney Falls

Love this photo of us
October 29th:
On Saturday Morning we woke up at 5:30 and started getting our packs ready to go and we had a light breakfast. The hike down took about 5 hours. We checked into the tourist office (this is where you pay) at 11:30. Shortly after the tourist office you run into Navajo falls.  On the way you run into Navajo Falls and Havasu Falls. Havasu Falls stands at 110 feet tall, and is 1/2 the size of Mooney Falls (crazy). We made it to the campground by 12:30. After we got to the campground we were all a little exhausted so we ate lots of food, filled up our water supply. I think I crashed at like 7 PM. 

TIP: The natives sell "frybread" that is covered in honey, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and nutella for $5 and it is so delicious

October 30th:
We woke up early, ate a delicious breakfast MRE, and hiked to Mooney Falls (.5 miles from our campground). Mooney Falls is double the height of Havasu Falls, which made me glad that Havasu Falls comes first. The hike down is a little scary (a lot), with chains and ladders that are wet. It is very slippery. But, it is totally worth it. After you get to the bottom of Mooney you have another 2.5 miles before you get to Beaver Falls. The hike from Mooney to Beaver has a lot of up and down, some ladders and a few ridges.
Beaver Falls

*These photos were all taken with either my Nikon DSLR or my iPhone 7. 
My husband in front of Mooney

October 23, 2016

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