September 8, 2017


O‘ahu, Hawaii, USA

When we went to O'ahu for our honeymoon I did a lot of research and asked people who have lived in Hawaii what their go-to places to eat were. We ended up trying a lot of foods, fruit, and other delicious things. But these are my TOP 4, can't miss things for your trip to O'ahu! Enjoy! 

1. Guava Pancakes from Cinnamon's Restaurant  
*They have two locations on O'ahu: The original in Kailua and the one in Waikiki at the Ilikai hotel

 2. Malsadas from Leonard's Bakery
*The location is in downtown Honolulu

the cinnamon sugar are sooo good

cute pink box ^

3. Smoothie Bowls from Lanikai Juice

*They have locations all over O'ahu

We had the Pitaya Bowl (which was incredible) and the traditional Acai bowl. I also highly recommend the Coco Chia bottle in the pre-made section. That was sooo delicious! 

4. Shaved Ice from Matsumoto's Shaved Ice  

*North Shore

Shaved Ice is a must for Hawaii no matter where you go! I suggest getting flavors like: Coconut, Guava, Passionfruit, or Mango. These are flavors that are best in Hawaii! 

I had coconut and strawberry, the strawberry was NOT good

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