November 20, 2017

Cranberry White Chocolate Bliss Bars + Recipe

If you have ever had a Cranberry Bliss bar from Starbucks, you know how addicting and delicious they are. I decided to find a copycat recipe and make them at home. They turned out better than I imagined. They have orange zest in the batter + the frosting which really adds to the recipe.One of my favorite food blogs is Mel's Kitchen Cafe. Every recipe on her website I've made has been AMAZING. I always trust her recipes over some random blog on Pinterest (because we all know that so many of those don't work out). If you would like to make this delicious treat, here is a link to the recipe.

November 16, 2017 DEALS

If you have never visited, you are missing out! This has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a few years. They always have great deals on cute clothes, shoes, and random accessories. I have purchased several dresses, shoes, necklaces and some LEGO characters. They update the deals every 2 days, so there are always new flash deals coming out. The best part is because it is a "group deal" the prices are more reasonable. The only downside to is that they don't have FREE shipping. Paying for shipping is one of the biggest reasons I don't checkout sometimes ;). I couldn't pass up letting you know about a few of these deals though. I especially LOVE this first dress. I own this same dress in white but the sleeves are full length. I have received so many comments on it! I want to say I paid close to $58 for it though so this is really a good deal. Don't forget to use Ebates to earn additional cash back on your purchase. If you aren't familiar with Ebates, refer to My Favorite Online Shopping Secrets post. 

DEAL #1: $28.99 - Sierra Floral Lace | S-XXL (11/16 to 11/18) 
This dress comes in 4 fabulous colors: Black, Hunter Green, Orange & Red. This deal only lasts for 2 days or until they sell out so RUN! I have seen this dress for sale with other retailers for as much as $70, this is a steal! 

DEAL #2: 

$27.99 - Fall Side Slit Ankle Booties

These are so popular right now and I love it! They are so cute and affordable! These come in grey and black. 

DEAL #3: 

$17.99 - Pearl Trim Ruffle Sleeve Top
How adorable is this? I love pearls and when you combine it with ruffles, count me in! These are selling so fast, so go grab one. You won't regret it! These come in 3 different colors: black, plum and hunter green. I'm actually going to go grab one of these right now before they sell out :D

November 1, 2017

My November Favorites

Velvet Dress in Black
I saw this dress a few weeks ago and fell in love. I remember when I was younger my mom made all the girls wear black velvet dresses for Thanksgiving/Christmas. I have hated velvet-y things since then, but when I saw this dress I changed my mind. I'm a little tempted to buy this and wear it for Christmas dinner ;). The little dots in the design is my favorite part, and the little ruffle sleeve, it just kill me with cuteness.

Thankful Porcelain Gravy Boat in Gold

I saw this at Target the other day and decided that I NEEDED it. I probably won't be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house for 20+ years, but how adorable is this? Can you just imagine this full of gravy on Thanksgiving?

Ribbon Bow Tights
I was walking around Forever 21 the other day and saw a model wearing tights similar to these. I thought to myself, I need to find a pair of these that might last more than one use. So I found these from JCrew instead. I'm a sucker for anything bow related, and fun tights that are a neutral color so this was a total win-win. I would love to put these with a red or black dress. Talbots has some that are similar in case these are sold out, again.

EOS Holiday Collection
For years I have been buying my little sister the limited edition collections of EOS. Every Christmas (and Easter) they release a limited edition set with some fun new flavors and colors. I was walking around Ulta the other day and saw this new collection. It has a Peppermint Mocha flavor, Vanilla Bean and this new Ginger one in an adorable rose gold case. I love the cases these come in and how you can use them for other things after you run out.

Kate Spade Henderson Street Sawyer Purse
I don't actually own a Kate Spade purse, but I always oogle (is that a real word?) over them when I see them at the mall. I saw this one the other day while I was daydreaming on their website. This one is my favorite right now because it is perfect for fall/winter and it is really neutral which makes it versatile for all kinds of different outfits + the bow, duh. Sold, but not really because I don't want to spend that much money on something that carries my money.

Marble + Rose Gold Coaster Set
I was perusing target the other day and I stumbled upon these. I LOVE them. If I had a real reason for these I totally would have bought them, but I still really like them. I came home from target and my husband asked why I was gone so long if I only came home with one thing. Well.....Target is made for just wandering. Anyone else?

Gigi Hadid East Coast Glam Matte Lipstick
I'm going to be totally honest: I have no idea who 'Gigi Hadid' is. But, I don't really care to. I just loved the packaging of this and I've been really curious how this new Maybelline collection is. I am tempted to try one of the all in one kits for travelling. We'll see. I just love this gorgeous nude color and the fact that it is affordable and nude-ish, I'm in.
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