November 1, 2017

My November Favorites

Velvet Dress in Black
I saw this dress a few weeks ago and fell in love. I remember when I was younger my mom made all the girls wear black velvet dresses for Thanksgiving/Christmas. I have hated velvet-y things since then, but when I saw this dress I changed my mind. I'm a little tempted to buy this and wear it for Christmas dinner ;). The little dots in the design is my favorite part, and the little ruffle sleeve, it just kill me with cuteness.

Thankful Porcelain Gravy Boat in Gold

I saw this at Target the other day and decided that I NEEDED it. I probably won't be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house for 20+ years, but how adorable is this? Can you just imagine this full of gravy on Thanksgiving?

Ribbon Bow Tights
I was walking around Forever 21 the other day and saw a model wearing tights similar to these. I thought to myself, I need to find a pair of these that might last more than one use. So I found these from JCrew instead. I'm a sucker for anything bow related, and fun tights that are a neutral color so this was a total win-win. I would love to put these with a red or black dress. Talbots has some that are similar in case these are sold out, again.

EOS Holiday Collection
For years I have been buying my little sister the limited edition collections of EOS. Every Christmas (and Easter) they release a limited edition set with some fun new flavors and colors. I was walking around Ulta the other day and saw this new collection. It has a Peppermint Mocha flavor, Vanilla Bean and this new Ginger one in an adorable rose gold case. I love the cases these come in and how you can use them for other things after you run out.

Kate Spade Henderson Street Sawyer Purse
I don't actually own a Kate Spade purse, but I always oogle (is that a real word?) over them when I see them at the mall. I saw this one the other day while I was daydreaming on their website. This one is my favorite right now because it is perfect for fall/winter and it is really neutral which makes it versatile for all kinds of different outfits + the bow, duh. Sold, but not really because I don't want to spend that much money on something that carries my money.

Marble + Rose Gold Coaster Set
I was perusing target the other day and I stumbled upon these. I LOVE them. If I had a real reason for these I totally would have bought them, but I still really like them. I came home from target and my husband asked why I was gone so long if I only came home with one thing. Well.....Target is made for just wandering. Anyone else?

Gigi Hadid East Coast Glam Matte Lipstick
I'm going to be totally honest: I have no idea who 'Gigi Hadid' is. But, I don't really care to. I just loved the packaging of this and I've been really curious how this new Maybelline collection is. I am tempted to try one of the all in one kits for travelling. We'll see. I just love this gorgeous nude color and the fact that it is affordable and nude-ish, I'm in.
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