April 20, 2018

Our first HOME

We started looking at homes last summer, shortly after we got married, but we decided to just slowly look and we'd figure it out eventually. In the fall, after the weather cooled down a little we started looking again more seriously. We went and toured a few before Thanksgiving, just trying to get an idea of what area, size, etc. Before Christmas we were very serious. We knew we wanted a house. We got an official realtor, and went looking at houses almost every night for a couple months. I figure we walked through about 200 homes, and looked at a couple thousand online. But, we finally found the one for us. We moved in on our anniversary, which was so fun. We talked about how a year ago we were getting married, and how we never pictured we would be in our first house a year later. It is funny how sometimes in life you never know how much can change in such a short period of time. We are starting to get settled in, but we are doing some painting this weekend. The previous owner really liked all sorts of bright colors, and we are going for a more neutral look. ;) Here are a few swatches of the two colors we are deciding between. I'll do an update after we finish with the before/after.

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